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Aggressive boxing and feminine cheerleading – a fiery mixture

31 July 2022 Elena

The 31st of October 2021 could have been just another cold autumn Sunday, but the city of Rotterdam was on fire. And not only because of the upcoming Halloween, but since Rotterdam hosted the finals of the Dutch Boxing Championship. Certainly, Rotterdam Cheerleaders could not have missed the opportunity to be a cute and spicy addition to this powerful and furious day.

At that time, we didn’t know how many challenges and adventures were waiting for us, but let’s talk about everything in order. Even before the first boxer touched the ring, our team had already been practicing, rehearsing, checking the podium, and adjusting formations. The first challenge there was the unusual stage – so narrow that it took us a lot of concentration and professionalism to not fall from it.

Taking a picture with the future champion of boxing!
The amount of energy and fun was hitting the ceiling!

After the traditional round of beauty preparations: makeup, hairstyling, and endless repetitions of dances, the time had finally come. We went to the main hall to welcome the guests and help them find their places. People were pleasantly surprised by meeting the charmingly smiling cheerleaders, took lots of photos with us, and engaged in our dancing moves. But the real work started later. Our job was to create a spectacular show when boxers come up to the ring and to walk around the ring with a sign indicating the round’s number. Needless to say that this was one of the most wanted roles among girls, as you were feeling like a real fashion model. Therefore, we divided this work equally among all girls but had to change the outfits on the backstage at unprecedented speed.

This has probably been one of the longest and most emotional performance days of our lives. The amount of energy and fun was hitting the ceiling, we could feel the nerves and strength of the boxes, and the air was filled with the taste of victory. Since the event ended almost at midnight, the sponsors took care of us and organized transportation that brought all of us home afterward. That was a day to remember for everyone and we are looking forward to repeating it!

We are endlessly grateful to NK Boxing for making us part of that stunning event! We enjoyed cheering for the crowd, introducing the boxers, dancing and working together with the supportive team of professionals on that day. Looking forward to working with you again!



Elena is the co-captain and one of the main performers of the Rotterdam Cheerleaders.

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